Fundamentals of Telemarketing for Better Results 2021

 Fundamentals of Telemarketing for Better Results 2021

A telemarketer is a person responsible for selling a product or service over the phone. Telemarketers can also work from a private office, call center, or home. Since telemarketers do not get face-to-face from their customers, it is very important to have a good tele-marketing stick. To be a good telemarketer, you should keep these things in mind:

Preparation for telemarketing:

Learn more about what you are selling. You should have a good understanding of what it is, how it works and how it is useful to potential customers. Also, it is important to have confidence in what you are selling.

Be fully informed about the company you are working for. A good telemarketer not only sells the product or service but also represents the company. You should be able to explain why customers should choose them over their competitors. The history of the company, its thinking, mission, customer reviews and industry ratings should be known.

You understand what is the sales process. This includes closing paperwork, billing, shipping, refund / return policy, customer support and follow-up as required.

Practice your script. Read it fast until you are comfortable with it.

Show Confidence:

A good telemarketer speaks with authority so that the words of the customers go well. If your preparation is complete, then you should call and talk about your company with confidence.

These 5 things smart people do on weekends

Communication skills should be effective

Speak slowly but quickly and clearly so that your customer can understand the matter easily. No bubbles.

Introduce yourself and explain the purpose of the call as soon as possible in the conversation. Wait and wait for their response to proceed.

Avoid speaking too much or too little, but have a balanced conversation.

Avoid using too many fillers.

Flat no tone

Scripts are very common in telemarketing, especially in a call center environment. But it is possible that you speak in such a way that it does not look like you are reading from a paper. Breathe in slowly and relax before calling.

Be positive mental attitude

Remember that some people will not be receiving your call and may not be receptive to it. There is nothing new in this that many customers will reject even a good telemarketer before a customer takes an interest in you. So do not take this rejections personally and think of it as an opportunity to polish telemarketing skills.

E-commerce essay in easy words 2021

 E-commerce essay in easy words 2021


e-commerce, well we are all aware of e-commerce, but there are people who I would just like to give you a little introduction on

e-commerce. What is e-commerce? This is a social development of every human being and how you are coming to know.

Government e-commerce

flat 3d web isometric e-commerce sales, electronic business, online shopping, payment, delivery, shipping process, sales, black friday infographic concept vector. Tablet buy button.

Nowadays all government offices are getting their own websites even after every department has its own portal to work on that people have left to post or die. Even his work has been updated there and anyone can see Axis and his work.

All this information we require from this and the best thing is that we also because all this information is on the internet and it is just that you will have a click that does not require paper to be saved for a very long time It is very easy to get all the information returned from the server.

This is not a big deal for the government! Now nobody needs to go to government offices and stand in queue for a very long time and to make their work done it is just by a click of mouse, you just need proper information about your work and how Is you can do.


Public e-commerce

nowadays people can buy anything from anywhere. But in the old days, it is even more difficult for a person to have to think about the problems in which he will have to face a special thing from one state to another because to buy something from one state to another. Was not possible.

First of all he has to think about transportation, how he is going to transport the thing from one state to another and even if there is that special thing that the reason is that people Never thought about buying taxes from another state or country.

But now after many website in e-commerce from where we have also introduced transportation and product guarantee everything e-commerce website is not to bother about you from the point of view. You just have to purchase the particular item and then it will be delivered to your door and even if the product is not according to you appropriately, the product will be returned to the seller and the money will be started in your account quickly .

Private e-commerce

Well shopping is private e-commerce but it is used for public. Now if we talk about private e-commerce it is mainly done by private sector of business, they are doing their websites and communication internally.

They are not required to do any other business or to share any information or any type of details for the government. They work in their own firm and can generate whatever profit they can generate. So whenever a private e-commerce has been started there are a lot of people involved and the work is done on a huge scale.

Essay on E-Shopping 2021

 Essay on E-Shopping 2021

Essay on e-shopping! Here is an essay on 'E-Shopping' in Hindi language.

In this era of science and technology, today humans have acquired all kinds of facilities. The increasing penetration of information technology has made human life easier. Today, through internet, we can not only gather information from around the world sitting at home, but can also enjoy e-shopping.

E-shopping means buying your favorite items through internet. E-shopping in India started after the arrival of the 21st century, but within a few years it was so widespread throughout the country that it cannot be imagined.



Today, on the one hand, big and big hoarding-banner shops adorned with various products are seen in all the small and big cities of India, on the other hand, on the other hand there is a rich market in computers and smartphones inside the houses. Going to the markets outside the home and shopping for things according to your needs is called offline shopping.

Thus, in offline shopping, passing through the hassles of traffic, passing through congestion, things were liked by circling the market and then they were bought by bargaining money. At the same time, in e-shopping, that is, online shopping anywhere, anytime the havoc is created and all the shopping is done in just one click by going on e-commerce adventure.

The goods ordered are delivered to the home within two-three days of ordering the goods purchased on online shopping sais. Ratan Tata, chairman of Tata Sons, says - "Despite the large number of buyers in India, people are unable to go to the market and buy goods, but today the trend of e-shopping in the country has increased so much that from five hundred to six hundred million People shop through this. "

Indeed, the trend of online shopping is increasing rapidly in the country today. According to the Assocham report, the online market in India was $ 2.5 billion in 2009, which increased to $ 16 billion in 2013 and its business is expected to reach $ 56 billion by 2023, which is the country's retail It is 6.5% of the market (retail market).



According to Assocham, the main reason behind the increase in online shopping - through this, the goods are delivered directly to the home and provide better service. The report released in the year 2014 says Mumbai ranks first in online shopping, Ahmedabad in second and Delhi in third place.

Assocham Secretary General DS Rawat says- "Today, it has become difficult to find time to go to malls or markets in the midst of a growing crowd of roads and markets, expensive petrol-diesel and everyday life. To avoid all these troubles, people like to shop online more. "

Rawat also believes that rising inflation and the sluggish economic growth rate have failed to curb the growing trend of online shopping, but the e-commerce industry has been boosted by the proliferation of internet and new payment options - and indeed If we look at it, then it is also right to say.

Today, people living in big cities of cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Ahmedabad, Kolkata, Chennai, Hyderabad, Bangalore, Chandigarh, as well as cities and towns of states like Bihar, Jharkhand, Punjab, Uttar Pradesh, Tamil Nadu are also growing daily. A number are engaging with e-commerce. The e-commerce industry in the country is expanding at a double speed every year.



Half of the people using internet in the country opt for online shopping, with the youth being the most active. Currently, a variety of items like electronic items, accessories, readymade garments, gadgets, items, perfumes, books, etc. are purchased on one click through various online websites of leading e-commerce companies doing business in the country. Can go. Now animals like cow, buffalo, goat are also being purchased through e-shopping.

The benefits of e-shopping can be seen in the following forms:

1. Time saving and freedom from overcrowding:

In today's busy lifestyle, people do not have enough time to wander from one shop to another to buy everyday items and after buying into the crowd, they bargained with the shopkeepers and bought the things they needed. On one hand saves time by shopping online at home and on the other hand it also gets rid of traffic problems and congestion.

2. Cheap Shopping:

Offline shopping is done by going to the shops where the cost of the goods includes the expenses of the shop rent, the cost of electricity etc. Which makes the items expensive but on the contrary, in online shopping, the goods are sent directly to the buyer's home by the online store, whose value is lower than the retail market.

Online stores give buyers more discounts than traditional shops. Special schemes and offers are offered by e-commerce companies on special occasions and festivals which are more pleasing to the buyers than the facilities offered by the traditional shopkeepers. Due to these reasons, on such occasions, the business of e-commerce is more than the business of retail market.

3. More varieties of commodity:

There is limited space in the shops, so many items are available there but many varieties of them are not available, but through the online websites one can see many varieties of different products from home and then buy their favorite things. May go .

4. Discount to change purchased item:

E-commerce companies also provide buyers with the facility to take back items in addition to buying other items when they do not like ordering items while shopping online, resulting in relatively greater satisfaction from buyers. Also, in this shopping, the company also gives a discount to test the items well.

The employees of the company who bring the products at home demand money from the customers only after they are completely satisfied. In the retail market, buyers are often not given such facility. The online shopping store usually provides the facility to change or withdraw the goods within a month if the damaged goods are delivered or the goods are disallowed by the buyer.

5. Facility to sell used items:

Often, old things lying in the house become a problem if they are not used or used less. Even if the person wants to buy such things, but today, free classifieds sites like OLX, Quikr etc., not only old vehicles, electronic products and furniture, but also precious clothes used once or twice, which are in good condition, Can be sold easily. 

Despite all these features, some things should be kept in mind while shopping online. Sometimes robbed or stolen goods are also sold through online shopping sites. In such a situation, online shopping of goods should be done only through authorized websites. Many times, e-commerce companies put out advertisements for the sale of goods even at half the price of the products.

In such a situation, instead of being lured by cheap shopping, before purchasing the goods, it should be thoroughly checked for its origin. People who do e-shopping through debit and credit cards should be especially vigilant, as dangerous viruses like bratpos can steal the card numbers and passwords of the buyers by attacking the Point of Sale (Pos) business counters and once the debit Or credit card can be deposited with the card as soon as the information is received.

Secure online shopping can be done by generating an 'amount virtual card' which can be used just once, through internet banking account, and through or directly by cash payment. It is necessary to carefully read and understand the terms and conditions during e-shopping.

Before purchasing the goods, the refund, warranty and other policies of the babe must be checked. By taking the above precautions, the problems encountered in e-shopping can be largely relieved. In recent years, the business of the traditional market has been affected due to rapid increase in the business of e-commerce companies across India.

According to the Confederation of All India Traders (CAT), on the occasion of Deepavali festival in the year 2014, a large online sale was conducted by e-commerce companies? Traditional markets suffered losses of about 30% during this festival season due to the departure.

Despite this, due to all the facilities and better service, e-shopping is becoming the first choice of India's youth. On the other hand, due to the wide expansion of online marketing, opportunities for creating large number of jobs in this field are also open.

According to the experts of the trade world, in the coming two-three years, 50 thousand people will get employment in the field of e-commerce. Industrialists like Ratan Tata himself say- "E-commerce is one of the areas where I personally want to invest, because it is a good option for a large section of the country's buyers who can go to the market and buy things . "

Types of Ecommerce Merchants 2021

 Types of Ecommerce Merchants 2021

Types of Ecommerce Merchants

Overall, there are two types of ecommerce merchants:

Selling those physical products: This is very self-explanatory. It is the buying and selling of physical products through some kind of electronic medium. For example, you can sell goods from any of the following: Fashion, accessories, homewares, toys, etc.

Stores selling digital products (AKA downloadable products): If you have ever purchased an online course, it falls under the category of 'digital products'. As a general rule, if you have to access the product through the online member area or if you have to download it, it is likely a 'digital product'.

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How can you start an ecommerce business?

There are so many different ways to start your own ecommerce business.

The most traditional option is to sell products online that you store and package on your own. However, this is not the only option. Today, you can take online credit card payments for services that you distribute over the Internet. There is even an option to develop retailing through products that are distributed by others via dripship.

Here are some ways to classify different types of e-commerce stores :

Stores with physical goods: These are the exclusive online retailers that you see everywhere. Buyers can purchase their products through smartphones or desktop computers. If you run a store with physical items, you can either store the item and ship it yourself, or someone else can deal with the products for you. If you choose an alternative fulfillment method, such as dropshipping, then someone else will handle the packaging and shipping. Examples of physical product stores include everything from Warby Parker to Zappos.

Service Retailer: You can sell online services in everything from advertising support to graphic design. For the digital landscape, services as a sales solution have become increasingly popular. There is no limit to the talent you can pass on to your customers in exchange for cash. Just look at companies like Craigslist and Fiverr, which act as a platform for service delivery for freelancers. There are also service-based companies that offer what they offer on a bid basis and build deeper relationships with customers.

Digital products: Ecommerce transactions are handled via the Internet, this means that in addition to providing physical products and services to customers, you can also provide digital products that they can download online. These types of products often involve using online courses, software, or even graphics. Digital products can also come in the form of guides or e-books.

In addition to classifying online businesses by what they sell, you can also differentiate your options based on the parties that are involved. For example, the Business to Consumer model represents transactions between individuals and businesses in the general community. There are tons of examples of companies selling online through the B2C model. All over the United States, you will recognize B2C companies such as IKEA, Nike and even Messi.

Alternatively, you can also look into making money through something called B2B. This means when you do a business transaction with another company. For example, Slack sells collaboration tools to other companies that want to facilitate better teamwork. Trello makes it easy for companies to manage products, and so on. Following the dot-com bubble, there are many examples of B2B software companies on the web today.

There are also some other types of business models that have been gaining more traction recently. For example, the consumer-to-business, or C2B model represents transactions where individuals create value for businesses. For example, freelancer platforms such as People Hourly are good examples of this.

Other options include consumer-to-consumer, when two consumers trade online using tools such as Craigslist and eBay. Some companies also include Etsy sales in this scenario, although Etsy companies are very close to a standard B2C business in many ways.

Government for trade, where the government provides organizations with services and goods, is another option. What's more, it is also government business for companies that specifically focus on serving their government.

Obviously, most of these options will not apply to most business owners. The most common strategy would involve using B2C or B2B sales. However, it is good to have an overview of such services and e-commerce models as you can see. With electronic data exchange, almost anything is possible.

In theory everything about ecommerce sounds impressive, however, like most things, there are some challenges that you have to overcome when launching your e-commerce on your own.

What are the challenges of ecommerce?

Image Credit: Matt Chalwell

In the interest of balance, we thought that we could present potential potential pitfalls during the early period of your e-commerce journey.

Trust : Trust is a big word in e-commerce and comes in many different forms.

Can your potential customers trust you as a company?

Can they trust that your chosen payment path will not fail them?

Can they trust that your products are of good quality?

A reliable payment solution such as PayPal can help build confidence in people visiting your website. Using a review system such as TrustPilot or registering your site as one, Google Trust Store are just a few ways you can overcome these potential hurdles.

Technical Problems : If you are not technically brainy, and we are honest - you do not need to start with an online store , you can run into the following issues:

What happens if your payment solution stops working?

Do you have knowledge of HTML, CSS or JavaScript to fix coding issues?

If you want to design a banner or adjust a graphic on your website, do you have any web design experience?

If you cannot fix these issues yourself, you may need to outsource. Fortunately, e-commerce solutions such as Shopify , WooCommerce , and BigCommerce have services dedicated to helping you if you have these issues.

Competitors : Since the initial cost associated with starting an e-commerce business is very low, it makes it a saturated market. So it is important that you do your research before launching, and find your niche .

No physical presence : Although it is improving over time, the fact that visitors cannot see or feel any of your products can be a downfall.

Some ways to resolve this issue are as follows:

Offer free returns

Add High-Resolution Images

Show customers using your products

Include videos of your products being used

Include a very detailed description of your products

Put a FAQ section on each product page

Initial Expenses : The biggest challenge with electronic commerce is getting started and achieving that all-important first sale.

To do this you may have to spend some money to make something. Some cost-effective methods to get started include:

Google Shopping is running a campaign

Using website pop-ups for data collection

Abandoned cart email access

Publish an upsell / upgrade bar on your website

Giving products to affected people for publicity (you can identify them with tools like Buzzsumo )

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What are some examples of ecommerce stores?

Ecommerce websites are popping up all around us. Are they all successful? No. Most fail. but why?

Apart from all the above reasons, more and more often, the business owner does not meet the needs of the user before his business idea.

User experience is important for ecommerce

Providing an excellent user experience is an important feature of any successful ecommerce store. Regardless of this one aspect, you will face a tough battle for driving sales.

So, how do you provide an excellent user experience? Primarily, it comes to your website design.

If you are looking for inspiration, check out this post on great ecommerce website design 50 Top Ecommerce Websites - 2019 edition .

These examples of good ecommerce website design should help you identify which elements to focus on. They should also indicate how to provide a rich user experience through additional website features and functional themes.

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What makes an ecommerce store successful?

What secret formula do you use to increase sales?

We worked closely with Ecommerce Design and selected XNUMX examples of e-commerce sites for their impeccable design, superb customer service and unique ideas. The majority of these shops provide an unforgettable experience for their visitors.

Check out our post Top 60 Best Online Shops and learn some key marketing strategies from each one.

It is important to make a good first impression - how many poorly designed websites have you revisited since you first landed on them?

Let's take this example from , will you revisit this website? I definitely would not.

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Ecommerce success stories

See our list below and learn from these examples. Even if it is just a logo concept or an idea for your own manifesto, apply these to your store.

Myprotein Ecommerce Example

What is E-Commerce - MyProtein Homepage

When Oliver Cookson used his £ 2004 overdraft to install Myprotein back in 500, I bet he wouldn't know that seven years later he would sell it to Hut Group for £ 58 million.

Armed with just his skills in web development and the fitness of all things and web development, Cookson's rise is meteoric.

How did Myprotein become a successful ecommerce store?

A lot of Myprotein's success came through his social media output, specifically, Instagram . With Myprotein you are investing in a lifestyle — not just to buy a product.

What is e-commerce - myprotein instagram

When you're getting started, it can start plastering your social media feeds with offers and discounts. However, consumers are too smart for these tips, and they do not like companies that promote highly.

In the long term, this aspirational model will pay dividends and turn customers into fans and supporters.

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How you can make your e-commerce store feel like a club

Myprotein's customers are committed to the brand because the content they publish is aspirational. They feed on it and use some words in their marketing to make their customers feel as if they are part of a particular club.

Ecommerce - My Protein VIP

See the example above where they use words like 'member' and 'VIP', it works incredibly well.

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Black milk clothing ecommerce example

A huge Shopify success story, Black Milk Clothing has built a reputation that earned her a mainstream edge in women's leggings.

Black Milk is now a multi-million pound company that sells over 2000 pairs of leggings a day.

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What success did black milk bring to the e-commerce world?

Black milk certainly did not traditionally go about things. In fact, the Australian ecommerce company did not spend a single penny on AdWords, social media, television, radio; what you say.

Black Milk spent all its money in community events. Di, Black Milk now travels the world, throwing parties and arranging photo shoots — but they start in their own back garden.

Start by using such websites to get to see what events are going on at the local level. Or if you are feeling particularly brave, make your own!

How to use user-generated content to build your e-commerce brand

Black milk clothing is excellent at creating user-generated content.

They give a specific hashtag to every piece of clothing on their website and encourage customers to use them. When they do, the image is featured on the product page and possibly on their Instagram channel, which has more than one million followers.

What is E-commerce - Instagram

What is so awesome about it is that it showcases all the different types of women that customers can relate to more than the typical models you see on clothing websites.

If you want to use Shopify , like Black Milk, there are tons of amazing Instagram integrations that you can use to publish your feed on your website - like InstaShow and Valley Code .

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Warby Parker Ecommerce Example

What is E-commerce - Woby Parker

The growth in popularity of Warby Parker was much more immediate than the two companies we have just mentioned.

Within a year of making his modest debut at the University of Pennsylvania in 2010, Warby Parker was described as "Netflix of eyewear".

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How did Warby Parker master ecommerce?

So how did this company become a company valued at $ 1.2 billion?

Again this may seem a bit far-fetched, but Warby Parker was not highly publicized. He initially focused on his blog content which he updated daily.

His blog was a mix of insights into photography, interviews with models, as well as strange book recommendations.

Warby used oddly celebrated days to promote his products — in a way that was subtle.

While celebrating National Sunscreen Day (yes, indeed) he wrote an article about it and pushed it on his channels using relevant hashtags.

E-commerce - Warby Parker - What is Sunscreen Day

To ensure that every time there was a random festive day related to their product, they were always on the ball and went viral.

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Ecommerce Definition; What are the major types of ecommerce?

The examples I have used above are what we call business-to-consumer (B2C). However, there are different forms of e-commerce that can match the stakes of your ideas.

There are six types of e-commerce.

Below we have listed them and summarized what they all mean.

1. Business-to-Business Ecommerce (B2B)

Quite self-explanatory, B2B e-commerce occurs when a transaction is done between two businesses.

Successful B2B businesses include companies such as HubSpot that offer inbound marketing and sales software and Zero which provides accounting software for small to medium businesses.

2. Business to Consumer Ecommerce (B2C)

The above success stories are all B2C e-commerce companies. This is when stores sell products to consumers, that is, people like you and me.

Online retail (including) sinking ship ) typically operates on a business to consumer model.

3. Consumer to Consumer Ecommerce (C2C)

C2C e-commerce occurs when a consumer sells directly to consumers. This has seen a special boom in the last ten years.

Sites like Depot, Gumti and Shapock have earned a name for themselves in a big way.

EBay is still the market leader in this niche, establishing itself in XNUMX. They are closely followed by Etsy which was founded in 2005 after ten years.

4. Consumer-to-Business Ecommerce (C2B)

Business model is slightly less common than consumer e-commerce . This happens when a consumer sells or contributes money to a company.

Companies using Crowdsourcing or Kickstarter campaigns to fund their businesses would fall under C2B.

5. Business-to-Administration (B2A)

This type of ecommerce occurs when transactions between companies and public administration are done online.

This area covers a wide range of services such as social security, employment and legal documentation.

This type of e-commerce has seen growth in recent years due to increased investment in e-government.

6. Consumer to Administration Ecommerce (C2A)

Finally, this type of e-commerce encompasses all transactions between individual people and public administration.

Some examples of this would be:

Education - publication and dissemination of information, distance education

Tax - Tax Return Form and Payment

Health - Health services, payment for appointments

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What is the best ecommerce website builder?

"An e-commerce website builder? Why do I need this?"

Well, simply put, they are all the rage these days for anyone wanting to start an online shop.

However, some questions and potential problems need to be considered before selecting the right website builder for you.

सबसे पहले, आप एक का चयन नहीं करना चाहते हैं ई-कॉमर्स वेबसाइट बनाने वाले को एक साल बाद पता चलता है कि आप लेनदेन शुल्क में बहुत अधिक भुगतान कर रहे हैं। एक और आम मुद्दा यह है कि उद्यमी डिजाइन टूल को संभाल नहीं सकते क्योंकि वे अधिक अनुभवी डेवलपर्स के लिए बनाए गए हैं।

इसलिए, अपने को विभाजित करना ई-कॉमर्स वेबसाइट बिल्डर दो क्षेत्रों में खरीदारी का अनुभव: (१) आप क्या हासिल करना चाहते हैं, और (ख) आपकी अपनी जरूरतें क्या हैं, यह आमतौर पर एक अच्छा विचार है:

व्यक्तिगत जरूरतों के साथ, यह सब नीचे आता है कि आप कितने अनुभवी हैं और आप कितनी जल्दी स्केलिंग करते हैं। एक टेम्पलेट के सैकड़ों के साथ एक बिल्डर एक शुरुआत के लिए बहुत अच्छा है, लेकिन क्या होगा यदि आप कस्टम सीएसएस में जाना चाहते हैं, और यह उपलब्ध नहीं है?

मूल्यांकन करने के लिए दूसरा क्षेत्र वह है जिसे आप पूरा करना चाहते हैं। यह प्लेटफ़ॉर्म के माध्यम से पेश किए गए टूल, सेटिंग्स और फीचर्स में बाँधता है। इसके साथ, हम ई-कॉमर्स की वर्तमान स्थिति पर एक नज़र डालना चाहते हैं, इसलिए आपको उस प्रकार की कार्यक्षमता के लिए एक अनुभव मिलता है जिसकी आपको आवश्यकता होगी।

हम इस लेख में ई-कॉमर्स वेबसाइट बिल्डरों की एक विस्तृत श्रृंखला की समीक्षा करते हैं: ईकॉमर्स वेबसाइट बिल्डर: एक सर्वश्रेष्ठ ऑनलाइन शॉप बनाने के लिए उपकरण.

शीर्ष पर जाएँ

सर्वश्रेष्ठ ईकॉमर्स प्लेटफ़ॉर्म

यहाँ बाजार पर सबसे महत्वपूर्ण ईकॉमर्स प्लेटफार्मों में से चार का एक संक्षिप्त सार है और कंपनियों के कौन से प्रकार उनके लिए सबसे उपयुक्त हैं:


What is Ecommerce - Shopify Homepage

Shopify ई-कॉमर्स को सभी के लिए सुलभ बनाने में हमेशा सबसे आगे रहा है। योजनाएं $ 9 के रूप में कम शुरू होती हैं, और 24 मुफ्त वेबसाइट थीम हैं जिनका उपयोग आप आरंभ करने के लिए कर सकते हैं।

Shopify बदल गया है ई-कॉमर्स इसके सिर पर और सबसे बड़ी टेक्नोफोब के लिए एक वेबसाइट की स्थापना की प्रक्रिया को अविश्वसनीय रूप से आसान बना दिया है।

यह आगे उनके 24 / 7 ग्राहक सहायता द्वारा समर्थित है / आप मूल्य निर्धारण योजना की परवाह किए बिना ईमेल, फोन और लाइव चैट समर्थन का लाभ उठा सकते हैं। आप पहले कुछ महीनों में उनके समर्थन का आनंद ले सकते हैं जब आपको इसकी सबसे अधिक आवश्यकता होगी!

Is Shopify मेरे लिए उचित?

यदि आप आज से अपने ईकॉमर्स व्यवसाय को शुरू करना चाहते हैं तो Shopify बहुत अच्छा विकल्प है। इसके अतिरिक्त, जैसे ही आपका व्यवसाय बढ़ता है, Shopify जहां आप बेहतर शिपिंग छूट के साथ-साथ असीमित स्टाफ खाते और उन्नत रिपोर्टिंग की पेशकश कर रहे हैं, वहां मेल खा सकते हैं।

Thorough एक पूरी तरह से पढ़ें Shopify समीक्षा को यहाँ से डाउनलोड कर सकते हैं।

To हमारे इन-गाइड गाइड को देखें Shopify मूल्य निर्धारण की योजना.

👉 कोशिश करो Shopify मुक्त करने के लिए यहाँ.

शीर्ष पर जाएँ


What is Ecommerce - WooCommerce Homepage

जबकि हर दूसरे ई-कॉमर्स इस सूची में वेबसाइट बनाने वाले को 'होस्ट किया गया है,' वूकॉम 'को' स्व-होस्ट 'किया गया है।

Hosted means that you pay for the solution and web hosting comes as part of the package. Whereas with self-hosting, you will need to find your own hosting and pay for it.

If you already have WordPress, just attach the WooCommerce plugin for free, and you're ready to go.

Is WooCommerce Appropriate for Me?

If you want to start your own store on a budget, and have a good knowledge of hosting and web development, then WooCommerce is the option for you!

It is also ideal if you already have a WordPress account and want to know how to operate it.

Thorough can download a fully read WooCommerce review from here.

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What is eCommerce - Magento Homepage

There are two versions; One is called 'open-source solution', which is similar to WooCommerce where you need to buy your own domain and hosting.

Alternatively, there is a hosted solution, but it can be very, very expensive.

Magento is used by some of the largest companies in the world, and its scalability appears to be endless.

While you might recognize Shopify only by viewing it, Magento has a huge range of themes to make your website unique.

Is Magento suitable for me?

If you are starting out, you can consider the free open-source option. The hosted solution is not suitable for running companies.

If your business shuts down and you need more flexibility with your website, Magento is ideal.

Thorough एक पूरी तरह से पढ़ें Magento की समीक्षा को यहाँ से डाउनलोड कर सकते हैं।

शीर्ष पर जाएँ


What is Ecommerce - BigCommerce

BigCommerce खुद को "बढ़ती बिक्री" के लिए एक मंच के रूप में बाजार, खुद को और अधिक उच्च अंत संस्करण के रूप में पेश करते हुए Shopify.

उनके सबसे कम मूल्य निर्धारण की योजना एक सस्ती $ 29.95 पर खड़ी है, और उनके थीम और ऐप स्टोर महान विकल्पों से भरे हुए हैं। बैकएंड बहुत सहज है जो इसे उन लोगों के लिए भी सुलभ बना रहा है जो उपयोग करने के लिए आश्वस्त नहीं हैं ई-कॉमर्स वेबसाइट बनाने वाले।

के समान Shopify, समर्थन उपलब्ध है 24 / 7 यह सुनिश्चित करने के लिए कि आपको अपने प्रश्नों के बहुत आवश्यक उत्तर मिल रहे हैं। ये हमेशा जल्दी फसल लेते हैं!

Is BigCommerce मेरे लिए उचित?

If you are ambitious and are building your business very fast, then View BigCommerce is a great tool to support.

It is very accessible and has a range of backend facilities for discounts and coupons. Not to mention, it also gives you a chance to sell via Facebook.

पूर्ण Read a full review of BigCommerce .

👉 Try BigCommerce here for free .

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Other Top Ecommerce Solutions

If you are trying to find the right ecommerce solution for you, you need to consider all your options.

Here are some ecommerce platforms that we recommend:


What is E-commerce - Volusion

We like that Volusion offers users a 14-day trial period . Therefore, you do not have to hand over your hard-earned money until you have tried and tested the software for yourself.

Not to mention, they provide tons of features. Some of the more notable ones include:

Responsive theme: Your store will look great no matter what screen your customers use

inventory management

Payment collection

Dozens of compelling apps and integrations to enhance your user experience

Seo management,

A CRM system,

Clock support

just to name a few!

All in all, Volusion provide an excellent e-commerce platform for its users to use.

Full A full read review of Volusion .

To view our in-guide guide Fusion Pricing Plan .

. Try for free here .

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Big cartel

What is E-commerce - Big Cartel

If you want to start selling homemade art online, Big Cartel is probably the best ecommerce platform for you. Established back in 2005, they have a good decade of experience in this field. Needless to say they know one or two things that help small brands build an online presence.

There are many free themes to customize the look and feel of your e-commerce shop. Alternatively, if you have any experience coding or web designing, you can design a kind of design that brings your vision to life.

Here are some other Big Cartel users to enjoy:

store management

Order Complete

Ability to easily modify your products

Tools to help you track your progress using site analytics

Features that enable you to start a digital marketing campaign

so what are you waiting for? Start selling your art today!

Full A full read Big Cartel Review .

. Try for free here .

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What is e-commerce - Teachable

Taught together , you can create a course for your customers that is incredibly user friendly. With just a few clicks of a button, you can set up a great virtual classroom, complete with learning management tools, a fully functioning payment gateway, a customizable interface, responsive design, and last but sure look At least not the easiest marketing features.

Alternatively, if you have any experience coding, you can use the Tableau's Power Editor to modify almost any aspect of your digital curriculum.

Furthermore, it is super easy for students to do all the following:

Sign up in your course

View your syllabus

Purchase your courses

How terrible is that ?!

Is Teaching Suitable for Me?

If you want an e-commerce platform that enables you to provide customers with a top-level learning experience, Teachable is the solution for you.

This is fantastic if you do not have many technical skills, they offer out-of-the-box websites to users who hardly need any kind of configuration.

In addition, it is great for entrepreneurs on tight budgets. You need your name and email address to get started- you don't have to pay a single penny to build your course!

Full Read our full review of the table .

योग्य worth trying here .

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What is e-commerce - Udami

Like Teaching, Udemy is another ecommerce platform that enables entrepreneurs to start online courses. All you have to do is plan your course, record your video lessons, then grow your community.

One of the best things is that you can create classes in many languages. It works wonders to increase your reach and increase your customer base.

Apart from this, Udemy also offers lots of free courses to teach you how to make the most of your software.

Is Udami suitable for me?

If you are looking for an ecommerce program to start an online course, Udemy may be the platform for you. If customer service is essential to you, you will be pleased to hear users providing 24/7 customer service.

So, no matter what time of day or night, you will get answers to your questions. You can also use their Teach Hub, - it is best described as a resource center and is great for helping you get on hold with their software. Also, there is a Facebook support group that you can use. So, when you need help getting up and running, it doesn't get much better than Udami!

Full Read our full review of Udami .

उद Try Udami here .

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Easy Digital Download (ESD)

What is Ecommerce - EDD

If you want to sell digital products using WordPress, Easy Digital Download is the perfect ecommerce platform for you. It does not matter whether you are selling an e-book, app, or digital course - you can use EDD to build your business.

They provide an impressive array of features, including:

Popular integration stack

Option to create discount codes with great ease

A full shopping cart

Unlimited file download

File access control

Customers can create their own accounts

You can track customer activity

You can use comprehensive data reporting tools

Is EDD suitable for me?

In short, if you are selling digital products instead of physical products, then you should consider using EDD. However, you will need a larger budget as the cheapest pricing package for EDD is $ 99.

Full Read our full Easy Digital Downloads (EDD) review .

Try EDD for free here .

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What is Ecommerce - Selfie

Sellfy , like many other e-commerce solutions in this guide, offers tons of great features. Therefore, if you are looking for any of the following, consider using this program:

A Customizable Storefront

Built-in email marketing

Facility to offer coupons and uptails to customers

Advanced analysis

Quick payment

Come out safely

These are just some of the features that Selfie has to offer!

Is a selfie suitable for me?

If you want to get your ecommerce store up and running in minutes, then Selfie is ideal. They claim that their users can build a fully functioning store within five minutes! So, in no time, you can market your products through your website and social media profiles, and start bringing in all those important sales!

Full Read our full review of Selfie .

. Try Selfie for free here .

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Ecommerce Marketplace

Limits the amount of money you can earn just by selling items on your online store.

Managing your stock on multiple channels has never been easier with inventory management software. Which means you can focus on selling the most products!

Here is a short list of marketplaces you should consider using with your online store.

EBay - People believe that eBay is purely for C2C businesses, but it is not.

The site is hosting a full range of B2B and B2C transactions. If a product is not selling well on your website, try putting it on eBay as an auction to return some money.

Amazon - Not a big deal that Amazon no longer sells, so even if you didn't think of a product before making room for it on Amazon!

With almost $ 90,000 spent on Amazon worldwide every moment, it's imperative that you list your products here.

Etsy - Etsy in an online marketplace that is ideal for anything. It specializes in vintage and unique!

Etsy has a fantastic community vibe and is excellent for building a good reputation as a salesperson.

Alibaba - Alibaba is a marketplace for manufacturers, suppliers, exporters, importers, buyers, wholesalers, products and trade leads.

A considerable advantage is that you have access to countless suppliers, who sell pretty much any product you think of it. If you don't have an original idea and just want to start selling, see Alibaba.

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Where can I get products for my ecommerce business?

There are plenty of places to source top-quality products for you to sell, ecommerce stores . However, these fall into one of three categories: manufacturers, drop shippers, and wholesalers.

For more information about all these, see our other articles:

What are the best dropshippers (drop shipping companies) for ecommerce [February 2019]

Dropshipping Definition: The Best Way to Quickly Setup Dropshipping Business

How to find the best wholesale supplier for your online store

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1. the creator

A manufacturer is a company that manufactures its own goods and sells it to any of the following:

Individual consumer




Traditionally, manufacturers make and assemble products on a large scale so that they are ready for distribution. Overall, it does not matter whether you buy goods through an ecommerce store or a traditional brick and mortar store the goods label will be displayed where the goods were made (ie, where the manufacturer is based).

There are three types of manufacturers:

Made to Stock : Such manufacturers produce goods for display in showrooms or shelves. As such, the manufacturer can usually predict demand and therefore manufacture its products in advance. In this way they are less likely to run at a loss.

Made on order : This branch of manufacturing does exactly what it says on the tin - they order as they come. Like the made-to-stock business model, inventory is very easy to handle. There should not be too much loss because they only make the product through a specific order. However, in this way, customers have to wait longer for delivery of their goods.

Made to assemble: Last but not least, this is when a factory only produces the necessary parts needed for the user to assemble the finished product- like IKEA! It is best for companies that want to fulfill customer orders quickly. However, it is slightly riskier than the others as you may end up with loads of unnecessary parts.

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2. dropshipping

In theory, dropship seems simple.

All you have to do is launch your own ecommerce shop and then reach out to the suppliers. Then you take orders from customers, which you will give to the said supplier. They then send their customer's orders directly to them.

This is a great business model for entrepreneurs who do not have the space or budget to hold inventory stock. Also, it reduces overall risk. With drop shipping, you don't need to spend any money before paying by the customer - which is ideal for business owners operating on tight budgets!

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3. Bulk

Outside of using the services of wholesalers , drop shipping, and manufacturers — wholesalers are the most difficult to handle. The system is not very well structured. This is a comprehensive list of random suppliers, and in some cases, they are dotted worldwide.

This means that you need to do some research and find out how these wholesalers are structured.

Some of the better ones include AliExpress or Alibaba. These resources enable you to find out which products are the most popular, so you are more likely to find the goods your customers actually want to buy.

You can also do all of the following tasks with these websites:

Filter products,

Source product photos,

Get detailed information about the supplier,

As you go through wholesaler directories and conduct your research, make sure all potential suppliers show a good track record of delivering their goods on time, offer a reliable point of contact, and Produce top notch products.

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What kind of budget do I need to start an ecommerce business?

You can literally start at $ 0 and start making money using ecommerce.

Do not believe us?

Here are some articles that tell you how:

How to Sell Online - The Ultimate Guide to 0 to $$$

In-depth guide on creating an ecommerce business plan

If you don't have the time to read these articles, here are some highlights to help kickstart your venture:

Choose the right ecommerce platform for your business

Use responsive design

Make sure your online presence always makes a killer first impression

Upload top-quality product photos

Make sure your e-commerce site is easy to navigate

Create a USP (Unique Sales Proposal)

Start a blog on your ecommerce store

Create a compelling 'About Us' page

Optimize all your content for SEO

Laser targets your ideal audience

Use live chat to improve the quality of your customer service

Use coupon code

Make sure your shopping cart experience is user friendly

Have an effective shipping strategy and execute

Get feedback from your customers and make necessary corrections

Ensure the security of your site

Use social media to promote your brand and increase traffic to your ecommerce store.

If you haven't already, keep a referral program.

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What kind of ecommerce business can it be?

If you are interested in kickstarting your own ecommerce store, but do not know where to start, we thoroughly recommend reading the articles below. They make sure to fuel your motivation:

How to Start an Online Store - A Beginner's Ultimate Guide

How to start an online shop in 15 minutes

How to start an online boutique: progressive guide

How to Start Your Own Shopify Store and Top 60 Stores for Inspiration (January 2019)

Showing the ultimate guide to starting a clothing line

Once you read through these guides, you should have a better idea of ​​the ecommerce store you want to launch yourself.

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How do I start an ecommerce business?

When you start an e-commerce site, you discover that your customers have a great experience, with loads of items that need to be checked, cross-checked, and tested to ensure they are good. So we put together a detailed checklist for new e-commerce sites .

Often, the biggest obstacle facing business owners is unfamiliar with the process, so we put together a post about ten easy ways to learn how to open an online store , whether you already sell products at a brick-and-mortar location. Or you are starting an online business from scratch.

Are you sitting with a sweet new product idea and you want to start selling it online? Are you trading brick and stone shop and now you want to bring your business online? The solution is building an online store, so I want to show you how to start an online shop in 15 minutes .

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frequently Asked question

What is a hosted eCommerce platform?

Now that online shopping is more popular and valuable than before, a lot of companies are finding new ways to sell online. Selling online can be a very profitable experience. However, like any field, it is important to make sure that you know where you are going to start before jumping and selling your products.

For example, a major decision that companies need to make is whether or not they are going to invest in self-hosting or hosted websites. Self-hosted ecommerce tools give you the necessary code to develop your online store. However, you need skills to make sure that everything works as it should. This puts more pressure on you from a business development point of view, but it also means that you have more freedom to customize your shop as well.

Another option is to use a hosted ecommerce platform, which gives you more support in building your business. This includes using a website builder and a hosting space that you can put in your online store. With a hosted website, you don't have to do as much work from a developer's point of view. The company you buy from will set everything up for you. However, less control is available to you.

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What is SaaS Ecommerce Platform?

SAAS or software as a service ecommerce platform means that everything you need to run your company is delivered over the Internet. This is the most common way to access critical business building tools today. The SaaS platform allows you to start and stop downloading the complex software that you need to build a website from scratch. It also frees you from the worries that come with keeping your website secure.

Probably the best thing about the SaaS platform is that your solution is not started or maintained by the customer. Your eCommerce framework runs on a SaaS supplier's server. At that point your external supplier is responsible for the security, execution, and maintenance of the application on the server.

SaaS has a wide range of platforms that offer unique business capabilities. SaaS ecommerce platform is only a small part of SaaS business. SaaS solutions are usually offered on a subscription basis. Customers pay for monthly expenses dependent on the level of service and number of customers. This authorized model is typically a route for vendors to have continuous access to their eCommerce platform at any point.

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What are the benefits of ecommerce?

If you have an actual physical store, you will often be limited to the space you can serve. With an eCommerce site, there is no limit to what you can accomplish. Unlike a traditional business, your online store means that small businesses can distribute their products worldwide. What's more, running your company is often cheaper, as you don't have to pay for a physical basis to set up your store.

An eCommerce business also reduces costs in other ways depending on the strategy you choose. For example, if you choose the dropshipping model, you will not have to pay for the storage of your own products until a customer is ready to buy them. Additionally, if you are a B2B business demo products, there is no need for you to visit any other company premises. You can simply send your goods and services over the Internet.

With an eCommerce business, you can be open all the time, continuously delivering new values ​​to the customers you want to serve. What's more, your company has a lot of freedom to change and grow over time. You can decide that there are new and different types of products that you want to sell. If so, you can simply add them to your online store, without having to go to a large business complex.

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How much does it cost to launch an ecommerce website

The best way to calculate the cost of developing your ecommerce website is to get online and compare the costs associated with multiple platforms, add-ons, tools, and anything else that you may need to pay for. Remember, there are more costs to consider with eCommerce platforms than a monthly subscription for your device. To work with payment providers, the cost of your e-commerce business from using an electronic data interchange will depend on the definition of e-commerce you use.

For example, if you are hosting your website, you will have to pay hosting costs. You also need to think about things like professional services from experts. You want to use a premium theme or someone can design a theme for you to make your website stand out. You can also decide to add additional features to your store, like the membership section where you can gather loyal customers.

Some other fees to think about include:

Payment processing cost

Point of sale system for offline sales

Add-ons and Extensions to Your Website

Transaction fee

Domain name purchase

Marketing and advertising for your website

Social media costs

Email marketing tool price

Cost of sourcing products to send to their customers

Shipping and management costs for physical products

Fees for updating and maintaining your website

Security Cost and SSL Certificate

Initially the overall cost of your website is likely to be very low. However, as you continue to develop new sales opportunities, your prices may increase.

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